Match Report


I watched Jack Grealish play last night

In the Poland tie

They couldn’t get the ball off him

No matter how they’d try

So they fouled him and they fouled him

They put him on the deck

He was kicked and he was buffeted

Bloody ‘ell by ‘eck


He never lost the ball all night

Not a wasted pass

He never once was beaten in that game

Instinctive feet and brilliant mind

He feints and floats

He’d make you blind

Not knowing where to next

He’d make you lame


He’s a very special talent

And the bovver boys can’t cope

They hack and hunt him down

They grab him by the throat

But he sails on regardless

He’s a matador with cape

And the bulls of opposition

Can only stand and gape


Sterling’s an individual

He’s tricky and he runs

But often runs into walls the end of that

But Grealish is a playmaker

He brings in all around

There is really no one like him

He truly does astound


Declan Rice was masterful

Declan was immense

Tremendous power he covers so much ground

And Harry Kane magnificent

His goal terrific shot

The others too they all played well

A decent honest lot


John Stones looks half asleep of course

And half the time he is

And Pickford agile Pickford

Can put us in a tizz

But the boring plod of Euros

Is happily behind

And Grealish playing in his pomp

Augurs a future kind


Brian Fahy

9 September 2021

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