Body In The Snow

Joanna Yeates a lovely girl

Murdered Christmastime

Body in the snow

A lovely face a lovely lass

We watch her image as she passed

And came back home

To meet her sudden doom


Her next-door neighbour


Drinks in pornography

Then attacks this helpless lass

His lust to satisfy


Her landlord Chris


Grilled for three days through

While media frenzy feeds upon

He’s not like me or you


Policemen probed and pressurised

Follow a flimsy lead

A flimsy circumstantial

Who has done this deed?

Meanwhile the press have skewered him

Perverted paedophile ponce

Whatever sells their papers

They don’t care one ounce


The story shows the sorry state

Of the UK at this time

So many lovely people

So much vicious crime

A Media above themselves

Nothing matters now

And a lovely girl discarded

A body in the snow


Brian Fahy

10 September 2021

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