Well, Brian, you landed on your feet

Was often said to me

A wife a son a happy home

So yes I must agree

Though years of struggle came before

A sad unhappy time

I landed on my feet for sure

Yes that will make a rhyme


Then I lost what I had found

When Margaret died so young

And I was flung in coils of grief

And days went on and on

And illness came and counselling

And life then settled down

And grandsons came to my surprise

A life-fulfilling crown


And here today ‘Beatitudes’

Appear before my eyes

That Greek word ‘makarios’

The blessedness of the skies

Whatever be our circumstance

The Lord directs at me

This utter truth his loving glance

Be still and you will see


The joy of life the truth of life

The way to be each day

Is found if you will follow me

Listen to what I say

I took the cross I rose again

The same will be for you

Take up the cross each day with me

‘Makarios’ are you


Brian Fahy

8 September 2021

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