Closed Seminary

Bin Laden in Afghanistan

Becomes a superman

Surrounded by a seminary

Of like-minded young men

The Soviets are the enemy

Eventually they leave

And you are now a hero

But no enemy you perceive


But our life is being a warrior

The only trade we know

So enemies must be found

Jihad must have a show

Our life is now a battleground

Our daily work the gun

And we will keep on working

Until the setting sun


Those warriors of Allah

I saw upon the screen

Reminded me of seminary

All following one dream

All dressed alike in garments long

All wanting to agree

All singing out the same old song

To their God they bend the knee


The uniform the common mind

The uniformity

The lack of others to disagree

No femininity

Compacted compound cordoned off

No influence brought to bear

The narrow world the narrowed mind

And none just no fresh air


Brian Fahy

7 September 2021  

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