I am, I said

I remember Father Berry in the pulpit

Tall man came from Nelson POW

He stood there speaking

Packed church all intently

Listening to every word he said


I am drawn to this

Is that why I remember?

The power of words well spoken

To instruct

And more than that

To ignite and inspire

And make us whole and happy

In the flux


When words are true

When words are truly spoken

They heal the world

They put the world to rights

But careless words and cruel words have broken

The spirit and the heart

We lose the fight


Did Jesus think to save the world with talking?

I think he did

In the beginning was the Word

No man has ever spoken like this man

The gathered crowds

Rejoiced in what they heard


It is in hearing that we learn to speak

Like the deaf man cured

Ligament untied

Hear it true and say it right

Puts the world on course

The honest word will not be denied


The roles we bear in life

Are incidental

Accidents of age and place and time

But the words we speak

The spirit deep inside us

Is where we find our reason and our rhyme


Brian Fahy

6 September 2021

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