Earth Sea And Sky


‘Heaven on earth’ he called it

His camera sent the shot

Dingle and the Blasket

A land that time forgot

Whitewashed little cabins

A calm and rolling sea

Islands in the ocean

Sleeping peacefully


It’s beautiful for heaven’s sake

Mountain sea and sky

Ocean breeze and singing grass

Fulmars way up high

Home to a long gone people

Who lived in harsher days

Who knew the wind and weather

Knew how the ocean plays


For heaven and hell contested here

And many a sunken ship

Foundered on an unseen reef

Foundered and came to grief

But island people made a life

Until it was time to go

And Springfield Massachusetts

Is a place that they all know


Out to a place called ‘Hungry Hill’

The island people came

And brought their Gaelic tongue with them

West Kerry the very same

But their hearts belong in Ireland

The place that gave them birth

Where my brother stood the other day

And called it heaven on earth


Brian Fahy

6 September 2021

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