Sheila’s Cottage

The photo on this website

Is of a finger of the sea

That creeps inland from ocean-wide Clew Bay

Sailing boats at anchor

There ‘blue remembered hills’

Corraun mountain

Achill lies beyond


To the left and out of shot

Sheila’s Cottage stands

My sister’s home

Retired from Dusseldorf

No German trams run down this way

No River Rhine flows by

But ‘sprechen sie Deutsch’

Is never far away


It truly is a lovely spot

Five miles from Westport town

A seaside inlet tidal to her door

I remember a night of high spring tide

The waters breasting that stony side

A misty world a full moon lit the floor


And Sheila’s lovely German ways

Tablecloth German broth

Cake and coffee ceremony too

25 years beside the Rhine

Now in Rosmoney 25

Soon approaching beside this Mayo brine


There is something magical about the sea

Where it meets the shore

And here explores softer channels

Beneath the rolling hills

Its tidal waters ebb and flow

A visitor to Sheila’s door

There have been floods

Though not the worst of ills


This place has been a happy home

Karl and Sheila beside the foam

Living with the ebb and flow it brings

Peaceful days beside the sea

A welcome when we come to see

Sheila’s cottage tranquillity it sings


Brian Fahy

5 September 2021

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