I have just made a soda bread today

It gives me so much pleasure

I must say

To be a co-creator in this world

Theology at work in flour and tray


It reminds me of my mammy

No need to say

The lovely cakes she made back in the day

Her recipe for soda carried on

In generations after she is gone


And to my mind an image comes to play

Of navvies and canals

The railway

All those men who slaved so hard

Digging out the earth every yard

Long since gone

We enjoy their way


My father digging coal

Beneath the earth

No one saw his effort or his worth

But faithful days spent underground

Long since gone no sight no sound

Paid for my existence from my birth


We are makers in this world

We have our job

We are actors on the stage

To earn a bob

We contribute to a common wealth

Help each one along

I’ll go and see to that soda bread

I know it won’t be long


Brian Fahy

7 September 2021

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