Ellen Fahy nee Carey(5 September 1916 – 23 October 2010)

One hundred and five years have passed

Since my mother’s birth

And look at all that’s happened

Here upon the earth

A world war was waging

The time that she was born

 A second one would come along

How the world was torn

Then Korea Vietnam

That bother in Iraq

Trouble in Afganistan

Twin Towers attack

You’d think we’d learn the lesson

Futility of war

But on we go a-fighting

Worse than it was before


Eleven years since my mother died

At the age of 94

Seventh child in her family

An eighth made up the score

Six girls two boys a quiet farm

Hidden in a glen

They all went out and made a life

Amidst the world of men

From timid times in Manchester

Domestic servant there

To Munitions at Metro-Vickers

And Irish dances dare

And a man who sore betrayed her

Married he deceived

A story I never heard from her

She must have been aggrieved


Meeting Michael Fahy

Days out Wilmslow way

Romance and happy loving times

All before D-Day

Married in mid April

Michael off next day

Down to Kent for Overlord

Ready for the fray

Eighteen months of fighting

Before life could resume

Strangers in a strange new world

Dublin honeymoon

Down to Erris meet the folk

Stay at Sarah’s place

What a change from Germany

And seeing Himmler’s face


Family life beginning

There I was conceived

Citizen of Glencullen side

That honour there received

Four children came to bless their days

And when my daddy dies

Mammy came home to Ireland

Where now her body lies


A friend of mine just yesterday

Being in Mayo

Came to visit mammy’s grave

To pray and say hello

And stood awhile in Aughval

Beside that western sea

To honour my mammy the birthday girl

God bless you ‘gra mo chroi’


Brian Fahy

5 September 2021


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