Consuming Fire

Disciples of Jesus

‘Sons of thunder’

Wanted to call down fire

To consume a Samaritan village

For its hostility

But Jesus rebuked their ire

And led them on elsewhere

Unleashing anger

Has no utility


You do not know

He told them

The spirit now in you

Dangerous fuel

Do not set alight

For once we start upon that road

The burning never stops

Until the world’s aflame

A fearful sight


I’ve been watching 9/11 again

Films to mark the year

And ‘The World at War’

A daily item play

The horror of those stories

What man will do to man

We know not of what spirit

Now we are


But Jesus knew

And warned us

And Jesus paid the price

Facing all the angers of the world

And risen now in glory

He calls us do not sleep

Wake up and face the day

And save this world



Brian Fahy

31 August 2021

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