Park And Ride

We discovered a park we never knew

Yesterday with the grandsons

Only a mile away but yet unknown

Sun was shining people out

Swings and climbing frames

Cycle track for Lukie’s bike

And the afternoon had flown


So near and yet we never knew

How common a thing is that

Like people who are close to us

We take as read and flat

But wonders lie within each world

Hidden yes from view

The mysteries of each one of us

The likes of me and you


Jesus came to Nazareth

Came among his own

Began to read the Scripture and to speak

But they already knew him

They didn’t need to look

They looked before

Their minds were closed this week


There are treasures close beside you

If only you could see

Things you take for granted

Seen before

But look again with steady gaze

You might see things that can amaze

The world’s a wonder

And right outside your door


Brian Fahy

30 August 2021

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