The Holy One

The bee’s knees

Was Jesus in Capernaum

The people knew it

Genuine article

Sabbath congregation

Well used to oratory

They knew the real from fake



Hitler when in Nuremburg

Fulminating Fuhrer

Worked the crowd

To heights of fighting force

Appealing to their pride

A nation once again

He filled the world with hatred

Nazi curse


The good word

Is a healing word

But this might hurt a little

Like medicine for a cut

To cleanse a wound

Authentic voice and teaching

O what the world would give

It’s here today

The living gospel sound


What do you want with me?

Jesus of Nazareth

Have you come

To tear my world apart?

That two edged sword

You carry

What am I to do?

Give up the ghost?

No give me now your heart


Brian Fahy

31 August 2021

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