To The Manor Born

English village

Village churches

English country house

The cosy world of England in our dreams

Logs fires burning brightly

In English country homes

Warm settees a dog

And proud oak beams


But this was for the favoured few

Those of private means

The moneyed class

The gentry

The aristocracy

The rest of us two up two down

The terraced row

The dirty town

And country houses

We saw them on TV


My Maggie used to tease me

About my grand estates

Those grand houses where I used to dwell

An Abbey and a monastery

An English country pile

A house in Rome

Merulana style


I left my northern miner’s house

And lived in places grand

For forty years majestic mansions all

So now this two-bed semi

Doesn’t compare at all

But I settled right enough

It’s my own stall


I was born in a manor house

Did I ever tell you that?

When Manchester’s maternity moved away

Collar House in Prestbury

I visited one morn

I knew it yes I knew it

I was to the manor born!


Brian Fahy

26 August 2021

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