Courage for Kabul

War is a mug’s game

My father said to me

As British soldiers set off Falklands bound

Nobody wins

Everybody loses

I have remembered ever since

My father’s words

My father’s words are sound


I fought with Tony Knowles one time

In our own school yard

A man of peace but he provoked me so

We battled to a standstill

No one won or lost

Honours even

Why now come to blows!


Six years my father fought a war

Royal Artillery

Long range snipers they were called

Firing guns and all

Didn’t solve the issue of why we went to war

In fact the final outcome

Was worse than it was before


We work for justice in this world

For justice not revenge

Revenge is just another schoolyard brawl

Resist the impulse to strike back

Let justice be your true attack

Walk gently in this world

And so walk tall


Brian Fahy

27 August 2021

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