An Evening’s Viewing

Tsunami – harbour wave

Crashing on the shore

Unsuspecting people

Swept away

Beautiful world

Beautiful sea

Basking in the sun

Holiday at Christmas time

Boxing Day


Twin Towers standing boldly

New York Manhattan sky

Airplanes make them targets

Playing darts so high

Fire and burning metal

Ash and cinders fall

Human life obliterated

Goodbye final phone call


Lifeboats at the ready

Lifeboat station crew

Pagers ring alarm

Sailors run

Saving lives at sea

Endangering their own

Great vocation

Britain’s very own



Is the patient breathing?

Powerful TV

Medics on the go

Out in all the weather

Covid-pressured life

Salute you all

You’re there – it’s good to know


Brian Fahy

26 August 2021

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