Faithful Companion

Have you ever done the Enneagram?

Those personality types

I came across it many years ago

I liked it very much – It seems to fit the bill

I am a 9 the peacemaker

Receptive at my best

Slothful apathetic at my worst


And at my worst I need to aim for 3

To take pride in what I do

And to achieve

A long time since I used it now

But I am glad it came along

It guided me in days

When I would grieve


Sciences of the body

Sciences of the soul

I bless them all

They help us every way

Psychology especially

And sociology

Have brought so much to help us

Day to day


But from my very earliest years

I saw within my soul

The key to life

The pathway I should go

I recognised in Jesus

The way the truth and life

I was convinced

I believe it to be so


Whatever questions in this life

Whatever issues here

The answer to them all

The Nazarene

Not simple answers on a plate

But every word he says

Will guide me right

Though I may have to wait


Read the gospels every day

Mass readings will do

Reflect and think about

The things found there

But most of all

The living Lord

Listens to the heart

And helps us live our life

In heartfelt prayer


Brian Fahy

25 August 2021

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