Misty Morning

Another misty morning

Greets my waking eyes

Quiet too no noise to break the spell

The sun will break through later

A day of heat will come

Another day of blessedness

In my dell


Trouble in Afghanistan

Murmurings at home

And faces from the past to stir a tear

Claudia Lawrence lovely girl

Missing for so long

Like Suzy Lamplugh

What we’ll find we fear


So many missing people

Five thousand alone last year

Disconnected gone and lost to view

A cousin of my own

Is gone these many years

I wish he’d show

I’d love to say ‘how do’


The Lord is always teaching us

About the lost and found

The lost sheep and the coin

Discovered joy

And the son who went away

Eventually returned

His father wept

To see his lovely boy


There is nothing quite so lonely

As to feel that you are lost

Adrift alone in a world that does not care

So greet the misty morning

And know the sun will come

Step out today and live in God’s fresh air


Brian Fahy

25 August 2021

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