Changing Room

Changing room mirrors don’t lie

Flattery isn’t their game

Is that what I look like?

Mm…I’m afraid that it is

Where did that belly come from!


A few years ago when not well

When my spirit was down feeling low

I went to buy trousers

Just like today

And the mirror! Well we near came to blows!


It shook me to see my reflection

And the shock it did me no harm

I sorted my haircut

I sorted my soul

Sometimes we need an alarm


If this is me on the outside

What will I find on the ‘in’

Neglect of your soul

Will plunge you in hell

Are you clear or festering sin?


So the mirror reminds me to look

To examine my spirit with care

Attend to that belly

Don’t watch too much telly

Make sure you get plenty fresh air


Brian Fahy

24 August 2021

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