Everly Brothers

First record I ever bought

Warner Brothers label

Cathy’s Clown

The Everly Brothers

One Saturday in Bolton

Thirteen years of age I was

Didn’t I have taste!

Those boys from old Kentucky

Money I didn’t waste


So many sounds around that time

Elvis Buddy Holly

Johnny Burnette and Dreamin’

Little Richard Fats Domino

Everybody screaming

But there right in the middle

A harmony profound

Two brothers from Kentucky

The Everly Brothers sound


That sound they made was ancient

Their daddy taught them how

From the coalmines of Kentucky

Their family made a bow

And when the new sounds came along

Replacing all the old

The harmony of the Everlys

Stayed steady on the road


The harmony of their music

Broke down in Civvy Street

Their views on politics and things

Their eyes just didn’t meet

But listen to their songs again

And sing ‘Why Worry Now’

Goodnight to Everlys Don and Phil

You sure could sing and how!


Brian Fahy

22 August 2021

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