Mountains Of The Mind

When you climb a mountain

You leave the world behind

All your troubles left there on the ground

O sure they’ll be waiting for you

When you come back down

But maybe you’ll come down a better man


Climbing up the rising ground

A world comes into view

Which never can be seen from down below

An island out at sea

Shimmering in the sun

And drumlins where the sea runs in between


And climbing higher steeper tests

Demand your energy

Careful footing

Watching how you go

Until the crest comes close to you

And with it that panoramic view

The whole world out before you

Lovely so


And sitting down to take it in

So much to see it seems a sin

To gulp it all at once

This beauty seen

Identifying places known

Admiring all that God has sown

And thinking of what is or might have been


The air the sun the breeze on high

Refresh the spirit make us sigh

To think the world can be so beautiful

And yet our troubled soul within

Cannot escape the daily din

The world awaiting us to pour its fill


For life is not lived on mountaintops

But down among the trees and crops

On the level where human problems lie

But a daily trip to the mountain side

Those moments gazing far and wide

Give us the strength and wisdom for the day


So climb that mountain each new day

Relive once more the mountain’s way

And sit in silent reverie and smile

And ask the Lord to guide you now

In all the where and why and how

And from that hill you’ll walk the next new mile


Brian Fahy

23 August 2021

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