Battle Station

Ochil Hills horizon

Wallace Monument

Volcanic stump of Stirling town

Castle prominent

Ancient woodland


Bannockburn’s quiet stream

My road named after archers

Achieving Scotland’s dream


Battles fought here long ago

Battle of Stirling Bridge

And on the plain a mile or so

Bannockburn’s fighting ridge

Today the only battles fought

We watch now at Forthview

They are doing well the Albion

Winning a fair few


The famous Sermon on the Mount

Gives remedies for woe

Moral guidance for our lives

A welcome wisdom so

But when it comes to conflict

We think the Lord naïve

We believe in armies for the fight

A million mothers grieve


The idea of love your enemy

So many think absurd

Do good to those who hurt you

Strictly for the birds

But wise men know that violence

Is foolishness indeed

The quiet way the thoughtful way

The way that we succeed


Evil men evil regimes

Thrive exerting force

As long as there’s resistance

They feel strong to hold their course

But once resistance disappears

And wiser ways are found

Their corruption rots them from inside

Their tower falls to the ground


The idea of patient suffering

We find hard to endure

But endurance says the Lord

Will win our lives

Stand firm for good in everything

Be patient and endure

It is the nature of the cross

And the cross became the cure


Brian Fahy

22 August 2021

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