Glencullen River

Where the river runs

Is where they made their home

The river is running still

Though all of them have gone


A world was living there

Farm and food all found

A school was in the glen

Education sound


My mother’s dress was sackcloth

First Communion Day

Her mammy made it for her

Make do and mend the way


That world of childhood poverty

Became my world of play

Annual summer pilgrimage

A happy holiday


Glencullen’s broad horizon

A feast there for your eyes

Hills and lake and faraway

Slievemore proud Achill’s rise


A sack full of cousins

A welcome to their home

No better place in all the world

No matter where I roam


I hear the river running

I see us children play

I smell the bacon and the fire

At the dawn of each new day


This is a place I come from

Embedded in my heart

It has been with me through all my life

Right from the very start


Brian Fahy

17 August 2021

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