Remembering Martin Gay C.Ss.R.

The body is brought in the night before

And lies before the altar of the Lord

Life’s journey over a confrere hardly known

But what I knew I liked and would gladly own


They spoke of his warmth and sense of humour

A man who took a house and made it home

Toiled his years in Africa then a year in Rome

Returning home as illness took its toll


Came from a big family I hear

Warmth has to come from somewhere family dear

A brother I scarcely knew yet feel his loss

As if for someone close and always near


I joined the mass by Internet connection

Familiar faces good to see again

And I feel a jolt to get my self together

And live my days be they sunshine be they rain


God bless you Martin bless the home you came from

And give you rest and happy company

Beef Wellington would be nice to share among them

And don’t forget to start with G and T


Brian Fahy

16 August 2021

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