Why was the man not satisfied?

He was observant of the Law

Why did he come to Jesus?

What was he looking for?


Why so restless in his soul?

How come he is not at peace?

He has great wealth so we are told

Why not be at ease?


Jesus did not demand of him

Surrender of his goods

Keep the commandments, was all he said

Observe all the ‘shoulds’


But something is eating at this man

And it has to do with money

It is something money does to us

Enticement sweet as honey


The danger with possessions is

We become possessed by them

Attachment to our earthly wealth

A blindness in many men


We do not have to be that rich

Becoming attached to things

Concerned for my own happiness

Is a life of hollow rings


We are not here to satisfy ourselves

Mick Jagger’s song a young man’s silly pride

Our satisfaction comes from doing God’s will

As Martin Luther King said as he died


Serve God in everything you do

And find a joy no sadness can o’er come

Let life with others be your good employ

Satisfaction then will be your tidy sum


Brian Fahy

16 August 2021


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