Jesse Stone


I like to watch Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone

A man of sorrows living life alone

A lawman in a place called Paradise

Where sins are just as naughty and as nice

As anywhere you care to call your home


A thoughtful man thinking all the time

Where’s the reason how to make things rhyme

Knowing right from wrong is not so hard

Most of us could write it on a card

But doing it that’s no five and dime


Doing right gets complicated see

By moods and worries upsets rivalry

But inside we always know what we should do

Conscience is the gift to keep us true

Confess the sin and then you shall be free


Out this morning grandsons to a park

Up the road and talking, talking talk

Found a hill to play at running down

Catch them twirl them let them to the ground

Simple pleasures on a morning walk


Be as little children said the Lord

Let your life be simple in a word

Keep connected do not lonely run

Stay away from anger and the gun

Then Jesse Stone can rest in his own yard


Brian Fahy

15 August 2021

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