Captured Moments


A photo shows my father holding me

A baby newly born a few months old

His smile would lighten up the darkest den

How he loved me! What the picture told


Another shows my mammy – Myrna Loy –

So daddy called her glamorous to see

Her loveliness more than just skin deep

Loving mother four children would agree


Another photo shows me when at school

Football photo cup final winning team

Marks the end of childhood days for me

Lured from home made me want to scream


A photo on my desk of Margaret

A day out in Tentsmuir beside Dundee

The girl I loved and lost and found again

And lost too soon the girl who rescued me


And photos of my son now dot the place

My pride and joy the gift that was given to me

Placed in my arms when he just newly born

My smile like daddy’s my heart so filled you see


Photos of our lives captured moments

Highlights of our journey through our days

Smiles of joy for camera smiles of joy for life

Smiles that tell us life shall win always


Brian Fahy

14 August 2021


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