Dear Child

A gunman kills a child out in the street

Her life had just begun

Three years old

Shot by a lonely lost and screwed up man

Leaves a family grieving

Loss untold


Let the little children come to me

This the invitation of the Lord

A child is not a lesser person

Just a smaller one

Every child deserves the loving word


What happens in our childhood

Fashions life thereafter

Cruel or kind

Foundation stones are laid

Be loving to your children

Be disciplined yourself

Example now will later be repaid


Now that I’m a granddad

It’s time for me to learn

And watch the way these youngsters

Have their say

They teach me about simplicity

And ask for chocolate buttons

They love me

They let me join their play


Become as little children

The Lord advises us

Entrust your self to the Father of us all

And welcome one another

A sister and a brother

A child of God

The meaning of it all


Brian Fahy

13 August 2021

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