Road to Emmaus

Two disciples
Walking down a road
Deep in conversation
Heavy load
Approached by stranger
Listening to their talk
Gets in step
Joins them on their walk

Sad, sad things
He hears their sorry tale
Of one who met a cross
And felt the nail
Their own hope had been…
But what’s the point
Their hope is gone
The times are out of joint

And that’s my story too
The way I came
Along a road of promise
That’s the game
And dreamt of happy days
And joys to be
But stumbled into darkness
Cannot see

And then the stranger
Listens to my woe
Acknowledges its truth
Yet won’t let go
The greater truth
That you and I can learn
That faithfulness
Will help us to discern

These things must be
The evil that men do
And we will suffer sorrows
And not few
And we will lose our way
And take the blame
And crucify ourselves
And live in shame

Forgive them Lord
They know not what they do
Cried from the cross
It pardons me and you
And asks us to believe
The risen Lord
I will not leave you orphans
That’s my word

In my declining years
Invite the Lord
And sit once more
And listen to his word
The day is almost over
Stay with me Lord
In my heart abide

Brian Fahy
“Emmaus Sunday”
26 April 2020

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