The Race

Keely Hodgkinson
Take a bow
You’ve done us Lankys proud
Atherton and Leigh Harriers
And now the GB crowd

I used to run
When I was young
I was fast at school
Dad talked about Leigh Harriers
That would have been
Could have been cool

You’ve got a natural talent
Great stamina
Powerful thighs
A good head on your shoulders
A brightness in your eyes

The race demands
We stay just fine
Content to bide our time
Then move on out
When the bend’s about
And strike out for that line

Medals for some
Gold silver bronze
But for all to do our best
Enjoy the race
And cross the line
And live your life with zest

Brian Fahy
3 August 2021

+ Keely Hodgkinson won silver in Tokyo in the 800 metres.

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