An Old Friend

An old friend came to visit me today
We met in town
Where bus and trains collide
We walked the sunny streets
And found King’s Park
And sat an hour
And talked as if the tide
Of days and nights and months and years
Had never been between
And we – two student friends
In Rome when we were young
Enjoying pizza pasta vino too
Studying scripture he
Morality me
In the days when JP2
Was on the go
And that was forty years ago
And Canterbury days
Professors now
We plied our trade
Tried to anyhow
And then our ways diverged
Our stories too
Went through dark woods
But we did come through
And found ourselves today
Sat side by side
In the Stirling sunshine
Reflecting on the way we came
The Church – that endless subject
And how these later years
Are settling down

We are so different he and I
In so, so many ways
And yet we found companionship
And easy company
We’ll meet again if we stay fit
And talk life over
Like we did
When Tony Cassidy
Called and came my way

Brian Fahy
4 August 2021

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