The Gates Of The Underworld

But do not rant and rave
Keep your powder dry
Contain yourself
Be dutiful
It will come in the by and by

The gates of hell cannot resist
The power of heaven’s call
Stand up for all that’s good and true
The evil one will fall

A share of suffering
Will surely come your way
Stand firm against the evil one
Be patient in delay

Nothing is served by violence
No good can ever come
America makes its crazy films
Solve problems with the gun

Lord Lucan
Rich and titled man
Not an ounce of sense
Bludgeoned his way to nothingness
The man has no defence

The Lord described the rocky road
The road he had to go
And Peter came to see the truth
In our life this is so

Our power is not in violence
In putting others down
Our strength is grace to meet each day
Humility wins the crown

What seems so weak, in truth so strong
The way of Christ has shown us
Be clothed in Christ and follow him
The Lord himself will own us

Brian Fahy
5 August 2021

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