War Games

I fought with Kenny on the crescent
He provoked me to a fight
Mammy wanted to intervene
Leave him it’s all right
My father’s words
Were wisdom then
Do not break his spirit
Let him fight his battles now
Let him earn his merit

I did not win
I did not lose
We both fought very well
Accepted one another then
Both of us lived to tell
And recognise
A simple truth
You are as good as I
We live together in this world
We are friends now
You and I

Did Jesus fight in Nazareth?
When he was growing up
I’m sure he did
It’s what you do
When you are still young pup
We grow into our wisdom then
Learn by our mistake
We are not perfect
None of us
Our life is give and take

But grown up men
Are children still
When argument leads to fight
We’d rather blast the other one
Just to prove who’s right
We forget about equality
The other one’s to blame
And millions die on battlefields
Playing that same old game

Brian Fahy
3 August 2021

+ Great Britain declared war on Germany 4th August 1914.

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