“No one has ever spoken like this man”

Jesus never moaned or complained
He spoke on the level all the time
Teaching his disciples
Familiar talk at home
Engagement with opponents
Chime with chime

He spoke in quiet places
With his Father
A well of deep compassion
Stirred within
Fabricated plots he lanced
So calmly
And calmly faced the crowd
And faced the din

He spoke with Pilate
Clearly man to man
No cowering or
Intimidation here
On the cross he prayed for their forgiveness
The soldiers and the nails and the spear

I want to speak as Christ did
No complaining
No moaning at the conditions of my life
Each day to pray
And meet all others kindly
Whatever be the trouble or the strife

You can change this world by talking
Did you know that?
By the thoughtfulness of everything you say
Maturity of spirit is the blessing
It comes to all
It comes to all who pray

Brian Fahy
26 July 2021

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