Surprise in Mulranny

Mediterranean in the sun
Exotic plants and flowers here
Holidaymakers’ fun
Sea breeze in Clew Bay
A fine hotel
Once a railway station here as well
Westport down to Achill
Come and stay

A lovely spot
There’s nothing more to say
Well that’s not true
Adjectives pile high
A beauty spot of nature
Hills stand up behind
In front majestic ocean
Clew confined

Across the bay
Croagh Patrick
Murrisk shore
Waves roll in from Clare’s Atlantic door
Drumlin islands
Greet the western tide
Newport Westport
Sit on either side

And yet
A surprise waits in store
Through the village
Turning to the right
Mediterranean out of sight
A rocky road
Craggy wild terrain
An inlet of the sea
Backs here again
The world turns wild
Beach replaced by bog
Heading north
Nature in a fog
This is Erris
Here be monsters see
Unknown unvisited
Earth’s last mystery
And my mammy’s home

Brian Fahy
27 July 2021

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