Treasure House

When they write the books
And we are history
The world will be a very different place
The times are always changing
Thanks to Dylan
I think I know you
I think I’ve seen your face

Still the same old creatures
New conditions
New ways of being
Distance lends perspective to our stories
Sharper definition

Saints and sinners
Populate the story
Naming them and shaming them
The task
The rise of social media
Too well informed
We never need to ask

Where is the truth?
Where is the falsehood now?
So many voices shouting out the score
Thank God for quiet houses
Quiet persons
The wise ones living at heart’s core

Remember that you are a living history
A narrative still with time to run
Your stories and your memories
A treasure house
For grandchildren to prize
At setting sun

Brian Fahy
25 July 2021

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