Good Food

My mother always fed us when we came
‘A great cook, your mother,’ daddy said
A way of love a welcome
Sit up to the table
Come now come and share my bread

We need that food every day we live
Without it we never will survive
Our spirit needs the same
Not entertainment
Nourishment is needed
If we’re to thrive

What feeds the soul?
What kind of food is there?
To exhilarate inspire
Promote our drive
What is it promotes our honour and respect?
The daily bread that keeps us all alive

Be faithful to the God who gives you gifts
Be good and true to everyone you greet
Share what you have with those you love
Give welcome to the stranger when you meet

No esoteric dishes needed here
No highfalutin foods at great expense
Simplicity of life our common table
Wisdom to be found in common sense

Be good our mammy told us in the morning
As we set out the great world to explore
Stay close to that advice from each day’s dawning
It leads the faithful heart to heaven’s door

Brian Fahy
25 July 2021

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