Daily Bread

I sat and said aloud
That prayer for bread
Our Father who art in heaven
Is what I said
Give us this day our daily bread
And then I got the bus
Went to Waitrose
Our trespasses forgive us
What I said

My prayer was answered
And today with style
A bread I never knew
Sat in the aisle
Sourdough with a smile
Waiting just for me
To come this mile

My nephew John
Bakes bread
All through the night
And travels round
To feed the Isle of Wight
Sourdough a speciality
You can find him on the ‘Net
Island Bakers he

This bread
That I brought home
It feeds me well
And more than that
Causes my heart to swell
With simple joy and happiness
The taste the crunch so true
If you were here
I’d give a slice to you

The daily bread we seek
The word of God
Is nourishment and treasure
All in one
The taste the crunch the crumb
This living bread
Helps daily life
From dawn to setting sun

Brian Fahy
24 July 2021

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