Car Crash

Motorcars are monsters
Shouldn’t be on the road!
Since I gave up driving
That’s my view
I take a walk
I take a bus
Gently into town
Motor drivers
What a wicked crew!

Bus and train and tram
Are gentle movers
Safer than the single motorcar
Essence of independence
Move too fast
Don’t know where you are

Many folk are idiots on the road
Young men especially can be fools
But old folk too
Can be a lurking danger
‘Medical episode’
Might just do for you

Should old folk be required to take a test?
An annual exam to see if fit
Failing that a campaign could be launched
The old it’s time to quit

I’m lucky
I don’t have far to go
And when I do
I call on bus and train
And trams I think are brilliant
They quietly jog along
This is how it’s done
We take the strain

Brian Fahy
23 July 2021

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