Anthony Carey

My grandfather
A man I never knew
Died in 1920
Got the ‘flu
Could not read or write
The census said
I saw the mark he made
To say all’s true

He was bilingual
Spoke the Gaelic tongue
Worked his farm
A brother lived next door
All under one roof
Cattle too
No outhouses
They sharing the same floor

Eight children
Born and reared therein
Six girls two boys
Fed and watered fine
Out into the world
They spread abroad
Their children now
A happy Carey clan

He never saw these children
Not a one
But Nan she saw us all
When we returned
What mighty roads we travelled
From this quiet spot
A place we loved
For which we always yearned

My grandfather
Is buried in Kiltane
Beside a ruined church
Beside the stream
We visited the place
To honour him
Gone but not forgotten
So we dream

I can read and write
I can spell
And often in my reveries I dwell
Beside the farm
Where once upon a time
Grandfather made his mark
Yes this is mine

Brian Fahy
23 July 2021

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