Money was not enough
It never is
We need to leave a legacy behind
We feel the need to be someone
To know we made our mark
A simple thing like simply being kind

The impact of our being here
Is vital to our life
Nobody wants to be a nobody
Our value and our place here
The difference that we make
Important to our health and sanity

Matthew with his money
Was going nowhere fast
Accumulating wealth for what it’s worth
He saw or heard this Jesus
Strange beatitudes
The meek he said inherit all the earth

The pen that wrote down figures
The sums of tidy wealth
Turned now to tell a tale the world can read
The gospel story Matthew wrote
His legacy to all
Come read my book – follow now this creed

He appears and disappears
From off the page
As we do too a moment on life’s stage
Our days are precious every one
So leave your gospel to be read
By loved ones following in your stead
Leave your example journey on and on

Brian Fahy
2 July 2021

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