My Quiet Chair

I sit on the sofa watching telly
I sit in the kitchen for my tea
I sit here in my study for my writing
And there’s another chair I keep

The chair a recliner in the corner
My quiet spot for morning still and prayer
It is my thinking chair for meditation
When agitation comes you’ll find me there

Our daily lives so busy with our doing
There are days it seems we hardly think at all
And as for being quiet
To suggest could cause a riot
A heresy in the modern ruck and maul

When I lose the plot or feel myself unsettled
I take myself to this still silent spot
I sit and ask the Lord to sit beside me
And remind my of the things I have forgot

To remember loved ones gone or far away
To think of them and hope that they are well
To count the blessings that I have this day
To be grateful for the place where I now dwell

The house that’s built on rock
Is built on prayer
That simple quiet time spent with the Lord
It anchors us it settles us
It keeps our minds at peace
I like my bread but I also need the word

Brian Fahy
2 July 2021

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