Ruminating On Rumsfeld

Matthew 9:1-8

Now he knows the known unknown
The life beyond the grave
The man who set himself as stone
America to save

So many things he did not know
The consequence of war
Triggering violence abroad
ISIS near and far

America so hurt that day
Became an angry bear
Determined to maraud and slay
And torture if they dare

We have only added to our ills
Escaping into war
When patient suffering alone
Can show us what we are

Unless our sins are rooted out
There is no remedy
Our human ills will tie us down
In endless misery

The Lord who heals the body
And calms the wilful mind
Forgives the sin that lurks within
Restoring us to kind

As sleep restores our energy
And fits us for the day
So prayer petition to the Lord
Will guide the way we play

What enemies do is violence
What we return is force
Who are we kidding?
Who are we kidding?
We are making matters worse

The scribes and Pharisees you know
They have not gone away
Upholders of the Law they are
The world must be their way

They hounded Jesus to his death
Convinced that they were right
The Law was on their side you know
And might we know is right

Address the crowd control the crowd
And cry out ‘Crucify!’
And innocent blood will flow again
And innocent ones shall die

The paralytic on his bed
A weak and helpless man
Restored to vim and vigour
How will you live your span?

The healing of the world begins
In every human heart
Forgive me Lord and raise me up
Help me to play my part

Brian Fahy
1 July 2021

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