Mental Health

Matthew 8:28-34

We learn to walk
To balance on our feet
We learn to talk
To say the words so sweet
We learn to ride a bike
And balance fine
We never fall
Once mastering the line

Now there’s a different thing
We’re up and down
Like riding on a swing
Elation turns to sadness
Sadness back to joy
It’s quite a business
Discipline must employ

Our mental state
Is very rarely seen
Yet storms and tempests
Often lurk therein
And frightening things are done
When the balance of the mind
Is shifted
And we become undone

The balance of our social life
Now harmed
By Covid fears and threatening alarms
We need the help of nature
Fresh air and gentle walks
Wise old souls whose lives
Have walked the talk

We are fearful of the things
That we don’t understand
Mental illness disturbs the status quo
Jesus in Gadara
Restores two men to peace
Fearful for the outcome
The people tell him ‘go’

The story of Gadara
Asks us think
About the ones who suffer in their mind
May wise precautions help us
To keep each other safe
And always in our dealings
To be kind

Brian Fahy
30 June 2021

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