Old Foes

It wasn’t a game of football
This was about getting through
About not losing out
To Germany again
Do not let them score a goal –
Pick eight stout defenders
Score one ourselves and then we’ll play
The game of no surrender

It was ugly it was boring
Neither wished to lose
But neither did enough to win the game
Familiar like trench warfare
Armies facing off
Gaining ground and losing ground
Over the same terrain

Too much to risk
Too much to lose
A negative encounter
This is no time for heroes in the sun
Cover me I’ll cover you
Pass the ammunition
Don’t make a move
Not Tommy not the Hun

Until the change thank God for that
Jack Grealish into action
The boy’s a joy to watch he really is
Robotic movement at an end
Fluent action a godsend
Jack involved in both the goals he is

This turgid game has put to bed
Obsession with our foe
We won the game so let it be
And let the memories go
Next time we play Germania
Let’s have a decent game
Free flowing football would be nice
Jack Grealish is the name

Brian Fahy
29 June 2021

+ A dour and dreadful football match came alive in the last twenty minutes when the deadlock was broken by England scoring a goal.
Muller then missed a glorious chance for Germany and a second goal sealed it.
England 2 – Germany 0.

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