Scribes And Pharisees

Scribes And Pharisees

Out of sight is out of mind
We say
And there’s nothing more out of sight
Than prisons
We excommunicate
Remove from our midst
Our last resort has become our first

Jimmy McGovern
Has taken us inside
Let us see
The kind of life in there
The cramped condition
Monastic mental hell
Unbalanced people
Society unaware

Some people
Need to be in prison
But many more
Need help to mend their ways
None of us is perfect
Conditions mean a lot
It could be me in there
In other days

A poor boy in Somalia
Bossed and given a gun
Goes off to stop a ship
Make big bucks
Caught by US Navy
Taken to US
33 years his tarrif
Something sucks

Justice is a deeper thing than law
Law abiders can be
Deeply wrong
Society is callous and is cruel
When compassion is missing from the song

If your justice goes no deeper
Jesus said
Than Scribes and Pharisees
And such like men
The kingdom of God
Will disappear
Our hearts grown cold
Each one for his ‘sen’

Brian Fahy
21 June 2021

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