Monday Moments

Bus barber butcher
Bus back to base
Monday morning movement
More or less
Now back within these walls
Soda bread and tea
Write a poem
Perhaps a memory

Moving made me realise
The world is not four walls
At least not for me
I get outside
But for those inside
The system
The penitentiary
Prison walls
A multitude they hide

Pandemic makes us
Look afresh
At how we live our lives
Close examination
Of our days
Discovering joy in little things
How blind we were before
How blessed in one another
And other’s ways

England Scotland
Barbershop discussion
Scotland played with passion
Fought with pride
England took the field
That’s enough to win
It’s not my friend
Time to go and hide

My barber is Filipino
At least by pedigree
But by his accent
Clearly local boy
I asked his name a while back
Expecting the exotic
Hamish he told me
Ah well – quixotic

Brian Fahy
21 June 2021

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