Storm By Sunderland

He lived in Seaburn
A man maybe sixty
Lovely wife lovely house
The sea
Dying of cancer
A handsome man and fit
It seemed
But cancer now

I visited each week
Holy communion
Unspoken stress
Too much to comprehend
Said the prayers together
Communion and away
Bye for now
See you next weekend

Then one Friday
Opening the Scripture
I read the story
That we read today
The storm at sea
The cry of frightened disciples
The man breaks down
In front of wife and me

Out poured his grief
His fear his pent up feeling
His feeling so alone
Approaching death
This storm of tears
An unexpected blessing
Breaking his heart
Opening his breath

Now he talked
And spoke ‘Help, Lord I’m sinking’
His wife so glad
She cried her tears of joy
Relief to know
The storm inside now breaking
Would bring her man
To peace restore the boy

He died a peaceful death
A few weeks later
The storm at sea
Had brought him into port
I never forget
The reading of that gospel
Help us Lord
When the time is growing short

Brian Fahy
20 June 2021

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