Marks In The Sand

Hadrian’s Wall
Historical monument
Fine and sturdy
Something great to view
But built remember
To keep out warring Picts
A dividing line
Stronghold Roman crew

Offa’s Dyke
Mighty Mercian earthwork
Edge of kingdom looking into Wales
A dividing line
Separating kingdoms
Impressive rampart
Runs to sea and sails

In the south
No need to build a wall
The Channel water
A rampart and a moat
Keeps England safe
From foreign interference
Enemy ships? We build us
Bigger boats

In Ireland sadly
A border now applies
In and out of boreens
It’s a farce
A lady there
Has international shelter
Her head lies in the south
In the north her arse

Around us all
The sea provides a blanket
A comfort and betimes
A warning too
Let what unites us
Be our bold endeavour
Share the space
Share the living do

Brian Fahy
21 June 2021

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