Morning and Evening Prayer

They say the good die young
And many do
A kindly thought – for all that
No less true
Maggie saw but 47
Mammy 94
Swings and roundabouts
I’m at 74

This living that we do
So many days
So many months and years
Gone in a haze
This basic element
Basic possession
Is filled with many tears
Much obsession

Length of days though good
Is not the purpose
Accumulating pleasure
Foolish game
The quality of life
Is found in spirit
The grace to live with love
Its truest aim

Loving others
Depends upon two factors
How you stand with God
In honesty
How you live with self
The second issue
Get these right
Then you will be free

Free to love
To give yourself for others
To greet the day
In pure simplicity
No need to grab at pleasure
Accumulating leisure
Life begins
As you bend the knee

Brian Fahy
20 June 2021

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