Age and creaking bones
Leads me to embrace
The vow of stability
With ease
Mind you
I wasn’t ever one
To gallivant
Where I was
I was happy with
It pleased

Benedictines take this vow
To stabilise
To make their stable
Where they make their vow
Adhere to this community
And place
Fight their battles
Live to grow in grace

I never had the wanderlust
Never had to go
Staying put was I
Down to the ground
Got moved round
By high command
Did as I was told
Lost the power
To take myself in hand

The counselling
That I first met
Gave me stability
The power to stand up
In myself and say
This is me
I am in charge
I take responsibility
It has taken far too long
For me to reach this day

Not only Benedictines
Need stability
Every person
Needs a rooted power
A grace to blossom in the soul
To know your lovely self
The power of self-control
Let come the hour

Brian Fahy
19 June 2021

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